Keeping Florida the Sunshine State

Florida is unique in its character, beauty and diversity. The foundation of which is YOU the people. We are lucky to live in paradise, lets keep it that way!

  • Use our Sunshine to lower your electric bill – Affordable Solar without unnecessary regulations
  • Create Jobs and new Manufacturing facilities creating the next generation of power for OUR communities and the nation.
  • Sustaining our beaches and wildlife – through education, funding and protection measures.
  • Proactive measures to keep our homes and businesses above water (literally) – Understanding the science behind rising sea levels and how they impact our area. Using that knowledge to protect against flooding and beach erosion as well as consideration in future infrastructure projects.
  • Bringing Federal dollars to the Clean Up of the Indian River Lagoon – Legislation currently being discussed to provide dollars for investments in the environment should include funds to assist waterfront homeowners in District 8 to go from Septic to Sewer.
  • Considering Residents needs in conjunction with Tourism Opportunities – Making Florida not just a great place to visit but a great place to live. Taking citizen feedback and conferring with City Councils within District 8 to consider Resident Concerns in our area and how Federal Government resources can improve our communities.